Hello lovely!

I’m a journalist, portrait, and lifestyle photographer based in Texas. My passion is for storytelling of all kinds.

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I think seniors hold a special place in my heart because I just was one! Graduation is a melange of nostalgia and excitement, and you can see that in every second of a senior session. I love the bright colors, the stories of the last four years, and the discussions of the future. We are so blessed to have so much hope for the future, and few people embody that more than graduates.

I’m a fan of lists, goals, a quick pace and change. Travel fulfills all of those needs, and more (including my desire to sit at an airport Starbucks and read a book for an inordinate amount of hours). I’ve learned something from every place I’ve seen, and I hope not to stop anytime soon.



My favorite thing about family sessions is getting to be a part of your dynamic for the day. Every family operates so uniquely, and I love getting to see familial love displayed in different ways. A quick hand hold, an adjustment of the collar, a brushing back of the hair are all ways we show affection to one another. The camera captures most of those moments, but I get to see them all! It is so special to get to join in your stories, for just a moment.