Washington, DC // 06/16

13308707_1289322687748012_4014613143588911227_o Three days in my (hopefully) future home. The culture of this place is infectious: the people are undoubtably driven and you can see this in the way they dress, talk, and walk down the street. Whether dressed in a power suit or killing it on a run (seriously, the people in this city work out more than any I've ever seen), people have purpose here. DC, I freaking love you.


Liz 13320743_1289322801081334_2858699509423794990_o13254761_1289323031081311_6306188576776651691_o

(shirt- Gap, shorts- Altar'd State) 13320801_1289322641081350_2775886077535752463_o13320845_1290442574302690_8744482944533700146_o

SB 2016


Spent a week living as a tourist in one of the most influential, perplexing, and fascinating cities in the country. To be honest, the majority of adventures my friend and I took were stereotypical, tourist-hungry places. We loved every second. IMG_7640IMG_1021IMG_0339IMG_0363

(Beverly Hills)IMG_0455IMG_0513(Griffith Observatory)IMG_0528IMG_0637IMG_0630(Warner Brothers Studio Tour)IMG_0830IMG_0845IMG_0770IMG_0808(LACMA)IMG_0921IMG_1003IMG_1012IMG_1011IMG_7877(Wizarding World of Harry Potter)

Trinity Groves- Dallas, TX

IMG_1983 (skirt- Haute Couture, shirt- Nordstrom, vest- Gap, necklace- gifted, shoes- Jeffrey Campbell via Anthropologie (currently on sale), purse- Francescas)

I'm a big proponent of getting out and exploring new places. Being sandwiched between Fort Worth and Dallas has its definite perks and today was no exception- my friend Maggie and I drove down to Trinity Groves for some food-hopping and picture-taking. I'm a tad obsessed with this friend and this sweet city.



IMG_2048 IMG_2057 IMG_2968

dress- Anthropologie, necklace & earrings- Jcrew, watch- Michael Kors) IMG_3037 IMG_2963 IMG_2036 IMG_3077 IMG_3051 IMG_2027

Lessons from NYC

For Christmas break my family ventured out to New York for a short weekend trip. I've been several times and never seem to find a new slew of things to do. My favorite part about the city is how it always manages to find another side to every story; yes the smoke coming out of the street grates often reeks but when it is hit by the setting sun it turns the prettiest shade of pink. Every negative thing about the city is countered by something equally beautiful. Even the worst things have a silver lining! Here's a few (maybe more than a few) pictures from the trip. Love, Liz

IMG_0553 IMG_0540

(trench coat- Banana Republic)


(sweater- Nordstrom, necklace- Kendra Scott)

IMG_0524 IMG_0519

(The most amazing street food...The Halal Guys on  53rd and 6th)

IMG_0500 IMG_0486IMG_0487 IMG_0493 IMG_0483IMG_0475 IMG_0458 IMG_0462 IMG_0467 IMG_0451 IMG_0441

(sweater- Nordstrom Rack, pants- Jcrew, shoes- DSW)

IMG_0429 IMG_0421 IMG_0405 IMG_0386 IMG_0383 IMG_0358 IMG_0338 IMG_0329

(purse- Kate Spade)

IMG_0323 IMG_0311 IMG_0290 IMG_0284 IMG_0277 IMG_0272 IMG_0215 IMG_0225 IMG_0244(We had another day in New York but I left my camera in the hotel on accident! We ventured to Chelsea Market, the Highline, the MET, Grand Central Station, and saw IF/Then with Idina Menzel)

Cutting corners in California

My family likes to play a little game we like to call "See how many places we can cram in in as little time as possible".  Over the course of two days, we managed to travel from Temecula, California to LA to Del Mar and then to San Diego for a final jaunt by the water. It was beautiful and the adventure is hard to sum up in pictures but I tried my best! Love,


IMG_0859 IMG_8210 IMG_0861 IMG_8282 IMG_8260 IMG_8331 IMG_8336 IMG_8416 IMG_8352 IMG_8366 IMG_8370 IMG_8391 IMG_0898 IMG_8397 IMG_8445 IMG_8440 IMG_8437 IMG_0890 IMG_8461

Lost in LA (literally)

I spent a lovely long weekend in Temecula, California attending my cousin's wedding and it was an absolute dream! I'm just now getting home but I thought I'd share a few pictures from the weekend. These are from Friday: my parents and I got lost heading into LA for the day but eventually ended up at Venice Beach for a little stop before heading to the wedding. More to come tomorrow! Love,

Liz IMG_8149

(skirt- American Apparel, shirt- Gap, necklace- Jcrew, shoes- Jack Rogers) IMG_8138 IMG_8160 IMG_8176 IMG_8153 IMG_8174 IMG_8168 IMG_8195 IMG_8148

That Dallas Quarry


Today I took the most wonderful trip. This quarry, which just happens to be in Mckinney, was one of my favorite adventures of the summer. My lovely friend and I ventured down to the water and ended up getting lost among the rocks several times (I promise it's possible), covered in piles of white dust, and almost fell. My car even got towed! But the pictures turned out well and this crystal blue water is not something I regret seeing. Highly recommended.

Love, Liz

IMG_6577 IMG_6464 IMG_7745 IMG_7712 IMG_6435 IMG_7706 IMG_6443 IMG_6469 IMG_6575

Turner Falls, OK

Today was a fantastic day. I journeyed with my boyfriend to Turner Falls, OK and spent the afternoon exploring caves, high mountains, and being consumed by waterfalls. Though it was hot and humid, it was an adventure and there's nothing better than that. I'm gonna miss days like this. Love, Liz IMG_5910IMG_5799 IMG_5824 IMG_5893 IMG_5875 IMG_5917 IMG_5944 IMG_5853 IMG_5949

Myrtle Beach, NC

IMG_5069 (shoes- Jack Rogers, shirt- Gap, skirt- Francescas, shorts- Nike, hat- Etsy, swimsuit- Target)

Excuse the excitement but I've been traveling for a day and a half and we have finally arrived.

Love, LizIMG_5074 IMG_5077 IMG_5075 IMG_5093IMG_5114