The Badge of Busyness

I have been wanting to write this post for a while, but I have been too busy. Far too busy. And I'm guessing, if you have talked to me in the past couple of weeks, I would have let you know that. img_9549

I polled a few people in my life for words that defined their semester. Answers were diverse, poetic, and idealized versions of what we were each striving for this semester. Words such as purpose, and stillness, and focus. Yet, if you ask someone on an individual day how their day is going, more often than not, the word you'll hear is not poetic or idealized. It is "busy". We sigh, cry, and laugh at our own busyness, but we make sure, above all, that it is known.

Why do we wear the badge of busyness? Why do we insist, before people hear anything about our days, that they hear about our stress? I have a theory about stress: if we stop talking about it, it stops defining us. We can describe our days, share our google calendars, be honest about our emotional responses to the activities happening around us. But our days, and ourselves, cannot be summed up in adjectives. We wear a badge that makes us blend into the crowd; rather than allowing people to get to know us, it puts up a wall before we even get to know the person. People will not want to burden the already "busy" person, so they won't. They will step back, say hi when necessary, share their sympathy at your plight, while saying the exact same things themselves.

The thing if, we're all busy. We are all busy with life, and school, and friendships. We are all quick to share our stressed out selves, rather than sharing our stories. If we started sharing our stories, we'd get a lot more than sympathy. We would probably develop more friendships, more impactful relationships, and receive some help along the way. There is nothing more refreshing than a person who is honest. Our badge of busyness is not honest; it defines our life in a word, rather than being clear about the areas of our life that have picked up the pace.

Our life is not busy. It is hectic, and dramatic, and heartbreaking, and joyous, and precious because of the gift of Christ. Our busyness simplifies lives that our unique and powerful testimonies to who God is. Before we wear the badge of busyness, we need to wear the badge of Christ, and determine who He calls us to be, and how He calls us to define ourselves.

Here's to living multi-faceted, fast-paced, maybe frantic, but not simply "busy", lives.

Love, Liz