Rush Reality

I never considered not joining a sorority when I went to college. At my school, it was what you did; few exceptions. I thought I would be the type, without question. And I thought I would love every moment of it. My perception was shattered, and affirmed, with rush week. 13934976_10154402627839814_5385059441244551375_n

This week, exactly a year ago, revealed parts of myself that I never knew existed. The self-doubt increased, the persistence doubled, and my patience wore very thin. I learned that I am not very pleasant when sweaty hair is plastered to my back, and even less pleasant when forced to run in six-inch heels. However, I also learned how enjoyable I can find small talk and how deep you can get with someone in a matter of 30 minutes.

I also learned to lean on the Lord more than ever before. I learned what it meant to pray for something half-heartedly, and then wrestle with the full reality of my answered prayers. Rush forced me to trust God in ways I never had before; it took away perceived control. I realized that you cannot control what houses love you, what houses cut you, or what girls you come into contact with. You can only control your mindset during the week; and that is a beautiful, difficult, God-glorifying place to be.

If you determine beforehand to trust the process, and trust your God, your anxieties will be transformed into opportunities. You can determine to love the girls in your rush group, love the girls in each house (even if it seems like it should be the other way around), and to trust that God is bigger than a set of Greek letters. Stereotypes block people's view of the truth; if you love the girls in that house, then choose it. Every house is an opportunity for change, for meeting new friends, for new leadership; no stereotype is unshakeable. You can be that change; you can be Christ's representative in any house you end up in. No place is too broken, unfamiliar, or unknown to be an opportunity for renewal. Every girl rushing can have an impact; yet, not from themselves, but from Christ.

These statements could do one of two things. It could ignite you excitement; you've always liked a challenge. It could also wreck you with nerves. Even better; because you already KNOW you need God in this process. You're not leaning on yourself to accomplish anything; you're nervous, but you're trusting him anyway. You know that without him, rush week is just another chance to make friends, when it could be so much more. So pray, pray a lot. Be joyful, because you are already destined to be somewhere, even if where you think you'll end up is not the final destination on bid day. This week is good, and God is great.

"In him we were also chosen, having been predestined according to the plan of him who works out everything in conformity with the purpose of his will, in order that we, who were the first to put our hope in Christ, might be for the praise of his glory." 

Ephesians 1:11-12 

From the other side, I have grown to appreciate sororities even more. I have seen what dedication, care, and love sorority sisters have for each other, and for their incoming members. Being a part of a grander vision is contagious; it's hard to not get excited. It's a unity that cannot be explained, but can only be observed. In my freshman year, I learned that I wasn't the typical sorority girl I always thought I would be, but I learned to appreciate it on a new level. I learned that I loved being part of something bigger; and I understood what it meant to trust the process, and to trust God. Only in Him could I understand where I was, and what I was meant to do with it.

"You cannot fill someone else's cup, but only empty your own."

-Andy Stanley, Deep and Wide 

I will never be able to control everything about the rush process. But I can trust that I will end up where I am meant to, and I can invest my all into making sure people feel Christ's love during this time. And I hope you do as well.