Texas 4000- Group

I chose Texas 4000 because I am one of them. I am part of this bold, brave, adventurous ragtag group of people whose tie is only cancer. Cancer is the ugliest connection I could imagine, but it elicits a stronger bond than most any other. Together, we will bike 4500 miles across the country this summer, raising money for cancer, raising awareness, sharing the stories of survivors and victims, and simultaneously kicking ass. My team is a collection of unlikely folks; a male model, a 4’10’’ human, a vixen. It has formed relationships and unlikely friendships, forced us to prayer, and built self confidence. Over 18-months these individuals have fundraised, physically trained, volunteered, shaved their heads, and fallen in love with the mission of Texas 4000 and the uniqueness of each individual member. They are selfless in nature, truly kind, and their uniqueness often gets shrouded in the mission itself. It is a worthy reason to be forgotten, but I wanted to capture their individuality through these photos. They have all taught me something through their own person; they have shared stories of heartache, joy, self-confidence, and tenacity. They have made me cry, push myself up hills, and fight for their stories to be shared as much as we share the stories of cancer’s victims. Each of these people are affected by cancer, but will not let cancer destroy their confidence or hope in humanity. They were just as willing to help me with me project as to bike 100+ miles every Saturday, and 4500 miles this summer, and that is why I want to celebrate them. IMG_6847-20