Miss Sweetheart 2018

Isabel Huerta lost her son Sammy, who had special needs, when he was very young. The impact his life had on her future was irrevocable. She opened Sammy’s House, a school where children with and without special needs can coexist and learn from each other. As well, she adopted two children. both with special needs, and devoted her life to raising them thoughtfully and lovingly.

Isabel’s young child, Gabby, is 17-years old. Gabby is non-verbal and spends much of her day-to-day life feeling unnoticed or unseen. However, on Miss Sweetheart day, Gabby feels like the star. Miss Sweetheart day happens every year, and it is a pageant for people with special needs, from 0 to 99, can come and feel like the star.

Isabel’s goal in raising her children is to know that they can experience the fullness of life and joy, not held back by their special needs.